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"One of Boston's Best Unsigned Bands...They don't fit any musical genre because their music is not prefabricated or generic.  The group can rock with undeniable intensity, they can take flight on musical excursions that are unpredictable and they can get atmospheric and hazy on you.  This, folks is what we need more of and Tefft provides these things and plenty more"

-Ken Capobianco, Metrowest Daily News

"It is a rare and special night indeed when this special band comes through. This band is a true Boston icon and you will be happy to be able to say you got to see them play live. The lead singer can make the whole room transform with her voice and she brings the audience along on a special journey."

-Kevin Smith, Booking Agent, Union Street

JEnn_Tim 2.jpg

Photo by Theresa Bourassa

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