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Adventures In Gigging Last Night....

Adventures in gigging last night. Thought ahead, went to the store, got a rotisserie chicken for the kids so they can feed themselves since I have to leave early for a gig. Carve it up - carve up the index finger on my fretting hand too, just for fun. Slap a bandaid on it and head out.

For once, I plan on getting to my gig early so I can enjoy a yummy free dinner before playing. Arrive, order said dinner, begin setting up.

Realize that there are no guitar cables in my case..pause, slight panic. Text friends who might be nearby, put out a 911 on FB for help. Awesome Jon-Paul Royer offers help, suggestions etc. Speed to nearby Best Buy in hopes they might have one. Ask customer service rep who tells me they don't have any while looking at me horrified. My right hand looks like I just murdered someone- blood everywhere. Refuse concerned help offered and run back out to the car and back to the venue.

Check FB to find that the awesome Amy Stevens has responded saying she doesn't have one but will help in anyway she can. Send Amy to the awesome Brian L. Masiello's house to pick up cables. Hand still bleeding all over the place. Stuff now cold dinner down my throat.

Get text from daughter showing me the empty plate where the rotisserie chicken once was....suspect Rudy has eaten all the chicken including the bones, and "you seem to have bought peas- not beans" (horrors)....pause...slight panic.

Finish setting up, Amy and Brad arrive with cables, finger has finally stopped bleeding with help from some super glue. Play gig, check phone repeatedly to make sure dog is still alive, sell cds, catch up with some old friends.

Thank you to all of you who saved my ass last night, the manager Dennis at Chopps American Bar and Grill who was so nice when I told him I had to start late, replying "don't stress, go enjoy your dinner" (!) . You all rock and I am lucky to have you xoIf you need me, I'll be following Rudy around for the next few days looking for chicken bones in dog poop. yeah, glamorous life I lead. You know you are jealous xo


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